Unveiling the Magic: 18 New Jim Shore Santa Figurines for 2024


Renowned for his distinctive folk art style and attention to detail, Jim Shore captures the timeless charm of Christmas with his collection of Santa Claus figurines. From classic designs to whimsical creations, there's a Jim Shore Santa to suit every taste and preference. Here, we've compiled a list of the 18 new Jim Shore Santas for 2024, along with reasons why you should pre-order early to secure these cherished pieces for your collection.

All is Bright

This colorful Jim Shore Santa lights up with nostalgic lights. Holding a vintage holiday tree and presents, Santa's cloak reveals a snowy reindeer forest scene with snowflakes and stars. Celebrate Christmas with this festive LED lighted figurine.

Height: 10.23 Inches

Number: 6015495

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024


Christmas is Coming


This 11th Palmer Exclusive Black & White Plaid Santa is fashionably dressed in plaid with accents of rosemaling detail and red sashed coat cinched at the waist. While resting a fresh forest cut tree on his shoulder Santa brings delight to friends and family alike. A great addition to your country Farmhouse decor. Available to Hallmark stores in 2023, this Santa is now released to all retailers, so is a part of the 2024 lineup.

Height: 7 inches

Number: 6013949

In-Stock now and can be purchased here.


Midnight Christmas Sky

This Jim Shore Santa holds a miniature version of himself flying in his reindeer lead sleigh. With a scene of a snowy night time town on his robes, a scene of Christmas night is created. With rosemaling, flowers, and snowflakes, and glitter accents all around, this figurine enchants.

Height: 11.81 Inches

Number: 6015502

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024


Secret Santa

Santa is known for being quiet as a mouse. He delivers presents with noiseless patience. Santa bends forward and puts a finger to his lips to shush onlookers as he sneaks his way into your holiday home decor this season. This Jim Shore figurine enchants with floral and holly rosemaling patterns.

Height: 8.46 inches

Number: 6015500

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024


Believe in Kindness

Winter marks the end of the year and new beginnings. In this gorgeous Jim Shore statuette, Santa wears a regal white cloak patterned with rosemaling and holds a newborn fawn. With an illustrated North Pole scene, the yearling's mother deer stands close by.

Height: 10.63 Inches

Number: 6015152

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024

Find the entire 2024 White Woodland Collection here


Just Winter-Ful


 Santa smiles cheerily in this charming Christmastime statuette from Jim Shore. Holding a ornamented sisal wreath in his hands, Santa wears mistletoe in his hat and rosemaling on his cloak. A snowy forest scene enchants with snowflakes from Santa's gown.

Height: 9 inches

Number: 6015496

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024

Paws and Claws

There is no greater gift than animal companionship. This year, Santa spreads limitless joy by delivering cat and dog friends around the world. Surrounded by furry smiles, Santa wears flower patterned robes and carries a bag of presents and pets.

Height: 9 Inches

Number: 6015499

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024

There's Magic in Believing

This year's Nordic Noel santa is a red and white Santa statuette from Jim Shore that enchants with an intricately patterned robe. Santa's cloak flows with Nordic inspired holiday patterning featuring reindeer and snowflakes. He carries a bag of toys and ornaments for your family.

Height: 8.66 Inches

Number: 6015482

Pre-Order here, due in August 2024

Find the entire Nordic Noel collection here

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

(18th Annual Caroling Santa)

Every year Jim Shore creates a Santa figurine to honor a classic Christmas song. This 18th Annual Caroling Santa features I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day and is written on Santa's gown in festive red script. Holding a branch fitted with silver-colored metal bells, Santa smiles.

Height: 10 Inches

Number: 6015497

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024

Spreading Christmas Joy and Peace

(2nd Annual Collector Santa)

This 2nd annual Jim Shore collector's edition Santa stands a whopping 14 inches tall and is a deluxe piece of holiday home decor. Featuring the artist's iconic patchwork and rosemaling patterning, this Santa celebrates nature. Cardinals rest in a winter tree as Santa holds a birdhouse. Last year the first annual Collector Santas completely sold out and are very difficult to find now. This piece is limited to production in 2024 only, so hurry to get this masterpiece. 

Height: 14 Inches

Number: 6015494

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024

Winter's Welcome

This striking Highland Glen Santa statuette from Jim Shore wears a red cloak in patterned plaid signature rosemaling. Santa holds a holly brimmed wreath with two perching cardinals and a lavishly crafted birdhouse. An inviting twilight forest scene sparkles on Santa's robe.

Height: 10.83 Inches

Number: 6015440

Pre-Order here, due in August 2024

Find the entire 2024 Highland Glen collection here

The Best Gift is Each Other

Santa spends a lot of time at the North Pole walking in the surrounding White Woodland forest. This beautiful Santa from Jim Shore shares a scene of Santa encircled by his furry and feathered friends, a Bunny, Fox, Squirrel, and Dove. He wears an emblazoned white cloak and a smile.

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024

Find the entire 2024 White Woodland Collection here

Yuletide Wonder

This enchanting statuette from Jim Shore's Holiday Manor collection features a regally robed Santa Claus holding an ornamented sisal tree. Santa's red rosemaling robes frame a snowy scene of a horse drawn carriage ride through a quaint winter town. Holiday Manor pieces embody the traditions of a Victorian Christmas, a must-have for collectors!

Height: 11 Inches Tall 

Number: 6015488

Pre-Order here, due in August 2024

Find the entire Holiday Manor Collection here

 Noel Baba

Jim Shore's Christmas Around the World collection celebrates tradition and culture. Incorporating each country's unique customs, Turkish Santa wears traditional robes with famous architecture, a red turban, and holds a golden tea kettle staff. Also comes in ornament size.

Height: 6.89 Inches

Number: 6015503

Pre-Order here, due in September 2024

Have a Sweet Christmas

Part of the new Gingerbread Collection, this Jim Shore Santa is sweet! Holding a candy cane staff topped with a cupcake, this elegant Santa figurine is a marvel of pattern and craftmanship. The Jim Shore designed Santa wears an intricate red rosemaling coat and stands on a sugar cookie stage with a gingerbread house. And don't forget the cherry on top!

Height: 10 Inches

Number: 6015410

Pre-Order here, due in August 2024

Link to the entire 2024 Gingerbread Collection here

 Pelican Way

 Just because it's not Christmas does not mean Santa can't have fun! Starting December 26th, Santa hits the beach. With patchwork swim trunks and a Hawaiian-styled shirt with blue rosemaling, Santa dons a pair of shades and flipflops to soak up the sun. Perching on a sign, a pelican welcomes Santa to the sea. Fun to display year-round.

Height: 9.45 Inches

Number: 6014505

Pre-Order here, due in June 2024

Link to the entire 2024 Coastal Collection here

My Deer Helper

This Lapland inspired Santa wears ornate red and green robes with a patterned green sash and enchanting color. Santa pats a reindeer lovingly as the creature stands on a stage of mistletoe and snow while wearing a collar of jingle bells.

Height: 9.66 Inches

Number: 6015498

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024

All Wrapped Up

 This colorful Santa by Jim Shore has his hands full with gifts! Holding a wreath, miniature Christmas tree, gift bags, boxes, and ornaments, this intricate Santa smiles with a tasseled hat. Santa's cloaks are patterned with rosemaling and reindeers.

Something extra special about this santa is that there is a First Edition version you can get from Jim Shore Platinum retailers. It will be Hand-numbered limited to 1,000 pcs worldwide, with a special black and gold stamp. If you were one of the first people to pre-order from us early in 2024, you may be one of the lucky ones to receive the first edition. There are only a few of these offered to Platinum retailers, and we have already sold out of our allotment. But, you can get the regular edition still and that is also sure to sell out quickly.

Height: 10.43 Inches

Number: 6015501

Pre-Order here, due in July 2024

Now that you've discovered the amazing collection of Jim Shore Santas for 2024, don't wait to add these beloved figurines to your collection, as most are only available for a limited time. Pre-order now to secure your favorites and ensure that your holiday décor is infused with the timeless charm and festive spirit that only Jim Shore can provide. Whether you're drawn to classic designs or whimsical creations, there's a Jim Shore Santa waiting to bring joy and magic to your home this holiday season.

We hope Jim Shore continues to create whimsical and unique Santas in years to come. Did you pre-order any of these Santas? Did we miss your favorite? Do you have a Santa suggestion for 2025? Let us know in the comments! There were many gnomes released this year in addition to the gnomes mentioned.

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  • Nancy Downing

    Has the 2024 Mini Santa come out yet?

  • Nancy Downing

    Has the 2024 Mini Santa come out yet?

  • Theresa

    All a very beautiful.. How much are they . Thank you

  • Sharon J Schmitt

    These are all so beautiful. It will be hard to choose! My favorite right now is the Santa with the bag of puppies and kittens!! However, who says I have to pick just one??

  • Erica Cecchini

    I have already Preordered the “ Have a Sweet Christmas Santa “ I plan to be ordering many more going forward. Thank you Sparkle Castle for making my passion for collecting extra fun and eventful.

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