Sparkle Rewards Policy

See how Sparkle Rewards can improve your shopping experience. From points earned by shopping on our website and submitting reviews, to referral bonuses for you and a friend, we have many ways to reward yourself.

Rewards Widget

Create an Account

Creating an Account with Sparkle Castle automatically earns you 50 Points towards your next purchase.

Keep Buying

For every $1 you spend with us, you earn One Point towards your next in-stock purchase

Like and Review

Earn additional points for being an active part of our community.

Birthday Bonus

Provide your birthday and automatically receive 50 Points every year on your birthday!

And More...

From referrals to double-days we have so much with more to come.

Ways to redeem

When you have earned enough points, you can start redeeming rewards, which will appear in the Ways to Redeem section of the widget. When you click Redeem on a reward, a discount code will be generated that they can copy and apply to their next in-stock purchase at checkout.

If you redeem a reward and wants to use it later, it will be saved in the Rewards section of the app widget.

How do referrals work?

Start by signing into the rewards widget and click on Ways to redeem. A sharable link will appear, and you can either copy that link to send in a message or click on the social media icons to share it with friends and family.

If they follow the link and make a purchase, then you will receive the $5 coupon to your account.

How does earning on reviews work?

After placing an order, we will send you a review request via email after several weeks. We want you to have time actually displaying your product and ensuring it is want before you review it.

When you receive the review email and complete the steps, our loyalty program will add the points to your account automatically?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In fact, creating an account gets you instant points. The only cost involved is when you purchase something from us, but we ship you the item AND give you points in return. Win-win!

We are very active on social media and post regularly; normal newsletter emails contain much of the same thing in our posts. However, loyalty members will receive exclusive content and deals that will not be shared on social media.

No. Only customers that are enrolled in our loyalty program (Members) can have full access to it to redeeming rewards and referring friends.

Points cannot be combined with pre-order items because they already receive a 5% discount at checkout.

No. We have elected to allow our customers to retain their points without them expiring. If at any time this policy changes, we will be sure to notify our members.

No. But we may implement a tiered loyalty program in the future.

If you have been around Sparkle Castle any length of time, you will know how much of an impact Epilepsy Awareness has on how we run our company. Aside from wrapping in purple paper, we donate regularly to the Epilepsy foundation and have specific sales events dedicated to fundraising.

While we don't yet have a program in place, we plan to eventually incorporate our Loyalty program to the furtherance of Epilepsy Awareness. Stay tuned!

We rely on marketing emails to inform our customers of the latest deals and newest items in our store. But we don't send out bogus daily emails that flood your inbox. We know how it feels and want to keep our notifications to information we think you would like to know.

No. Sparkle Points don't work anywhere but at

They are also not transferable and redeemable for cash.

Sparkle Rewards are only earned and redeemed on

We use eBay as another way to reach customers who don't already know who we are, but our rewards program is used as an incentive for customers to purchase directly from us.

Please contact us and we work on getting it fixed for you.

Unfortunately, you may only use one redemption code per order. If you want to have a larger reward value, please contact us and we will look into creating an additional reward.

Need To Know More?

There are so many ways that we feel that Sparkle Rewards will enhance your shopping experience, we are sure we haven't listed them all. If you have any additional questions or are not sure about something, please contact us and we can get you the answers you are searching for.

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