Lladró FAQ

Lladró Assurance Program

Lladró offers a service that insures your pieces, free of charge, from the moment of purchase (Lladró Assurance Program). First, create a Lladró account and register your piece with them. In the event of breakage, you can purchase the piece again by filling in the form at My Lladró or at Lladró Assurance.

Lladró Legal Notice

The Lladró brand is a registered brand, property of Lladró, S.A. and Lladró USA Inc. (henceforth generically denominated "Lladró"). The use of copyright of the products and photographs which appear on this website belong to Lladró. The use on this website of the Lladró brand and of the products is for purely commercial purposes, and does not constitute the acquisition of rights of the brand or products. The owner of this website is neither the representative nor legal agent of Lladró, and therefore has no right or authority to assume or create obligations in the name of said companies.