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Hey everyone!

We would like to update you on the exciting changes happening with our company. This last year has been the busiest year for Sparkle Castle; we opened a retail space, became a Jim Shore Platinum retailer, and grew our audience on social media by leaps and bounds. We have been blessed with an amazing group of collectors who not only love the products we carry, but love Sparkle Castle as well.

For us, Sparkle Castle is more than just a business, it is a part of the family. So, when we made the decision to move our family from San Jose California to Indianapolis Indiana, we knew that Sparkle Castle had to find a new home there as well.

So, starting in July, Sparkle Castle's new home will be Indianapolis!

Why the Move?

First, and foremost, this is a move for our family. A few of our kids struggle educationally and after a long search we found a good fit for their needs in a school in Indianapolis. So, when the school opportunity arose, and we started to explore the Indianapolis area, we were surprised to see how family-friendly the area would be and almost immediately we knew that this was the best decision for our family.

Secondly, while California is a beautiful state, we have felt the effects of rising costs and staggering overhead for some time. So, faced with the choice to either raise prices or cut costs, the choice was clear for us. We knew that this move would be huge undertaking for us, but it has always been our belief that you, our valued customer, should not bear the brunt of these burdens.

Indiana presents an extraordinary opportunity for companies like ours to flourish, propelled by the embrace of American values and entrepreneurial spirit. Being more centrally located in the country also helps us improve our shipping time, and with a larger storefront, we can accommodate more customers. Who knows? Maybe we'll see more of you swinging by to say hi in person! We are now driving distance from the majority of Eastern US!

Getting Ready for the Big Day:

The decision to move was not an easy one, but the biggest obstacle we have now is moving our entire store and warehouse across the country. And let's be real, moving just a family cross-country isn't a walk in the park, let alone a huge business. 

A lot has gone into making Sparkle Castle an efficient company, and with that comes lots of inventory, supplies and equipment that now needs to be packed up shipped out. We're hustling to make sure everything goes smoothly and there's as little downtime as possible.

A Huge Thank You:

We are truly excited to have you accompany us in this next chapter of Sparkle Castle, and we cannot wait to share with you the exciting developments we have in store.

Thank you to our California friends whom we have gotten to know so well. Though we will now be farther away, we can still ship and provide the service that we have been known for. We are just a phone call away.

To the rest of our customers, thank you for your unwavering support. And hey, if you're ever in Indianapolis, swing by and say hello! 


From Our Hearts, Sincerely,

Adam and Sheri Tarpenning and Family


  • Christina Wylie

    Congratulations on your move to Indy. We lived in Clarksville, IN several decades ago. That was back when I worked with a guard and had several trips to Indianapolis to compete.

    Praying your move is successful and that your kids love their new school. I hope the new home for Sparkle Castle is great too.

    Best Wishes,

    Chris Wylie

  • Paula A. Higgins

    Adam and Sheri. I wish you and your family a smooth, safe, and stress free move to Indianapolis. 🫂

  • Dottie

    Adam and Sheri,
    I feel so fortunate to have found you for my collectibles. As another customer remarked, I too feel that you care about your customer base and you go the extra mile in service care. I appreciate the extra attention to details…and helping us when “we make an error!” 😆
    I wish you God’s grace in this move for you and family. Family is of the utmost importance. The business will continue to thrive with the care you give in your lives.

  • Lesia Farley

    Wishing you all the very best. You always have to do what’s best for your family. Sparkle Castle will still thrive and go stronger as ever before. I wish you the very best. God Bless.

  • Bella Buchwald

    Wishing you a safe move. Looking forward to seeing your new digs in July.

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