Ultimate Guide to 2024 Jim Shore Disney Traditions (Part 1)

Here at Sparkle Castle, we get super excited any time Jim Shore releases new figurines. Jim Shore is known for his works of art in the figurine world, with hundreds of Santas, Gnomes, Angels, and other folklore-inspired pieces. But, did you know? Jim Shore also creates Disney treasures in the form of a collectible figurine. In 2024 we have seen many amazing pieces and here is a collection you will not want to miss. Here is a guide to all the non-seasonal pieces that are coming in 2024. Also don't miss our 5% pre-order discount for ordering before items arrive! Discount is automatically applied.


"Cruel and Compassionate"

In the Good versus Evil product line, this Disney creation by Jim Shore showcases the dichotomy of character between Cinderella and her stepmother. Cinderella dons her classic blue ballgown flourished with Jim Shore's iconic rosemaling, while Lady Tremaine wears maroon with a cane.

Height: 8.38 Inches

Item number: 6014324

MSRP: $100

In stock (click here) NOW, while supplies last!


"Selfish and Spirited"

Another Good versus Evil Masterpiece, this Disney creation by Jim Shore showcases the dichotomy of character between Rapunzel and her pseudo mother, Mother Gothel. Both women's gowns feature Jim Shore's iconic rosemaling and patchwork details. Rapunzel plots her next escape.

Height: 8.25 Inches

Item number: 6014325

In stock (click here) NOW, while supplies last!


"Mistress of Evil"

This amazing piece is one you'll want to add to your collection. In celebration of Sleeping Beauty's 65th anniversary, beloved artist, Jim Shore, presents an inspired sculpt of the villainous Maleficent. With purple rosemale patterning, Maleficent wears her iconic black robe as she commands a crow. Standing 4 inches tall, it will be the perfect accent to your Sleeping Beauty Collection.

Height: 4 Inches Tall

Item Number: 6014326

In stock (click here) NOW, while supplies last!


3 New Mini Figurines

Jim Shore created three favorite sidekicks to be released in 2024: Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, Pascal from Tangled, and Lucifer from Cinderella! These Disney minis make the perfect gift!

Sebastian the crab serves as King Triton's advisor and is often tasked with watching over the king's youngest daughter, Princess Ariel. This Jim Shore creation captures the crab's compassionate personality with color and pattern.

In celebration of Tangled's 15th anniversary, Jim Shore creates a design of Pascal the chameleon to cherish! Pascal is featured throughout the 2010 film with a feisty personality and a devotion to Rapunzel. Let Pascal become your sidekick!

Lucifer the cat is Lady Tremaine's evil sidekick. With a wicked personality, Lucifer is cruel to Cinderella and her mice friends. This Jim Shore design features the cat's signature sneer with rosemale and patchwork patterning on his fur.

Each figurine stands approx 3.75 Inches Tall.

Sebastian Item Number: 6015021; Pascal Item Number: 6015022; Lucifer Item Number: 6015023

MSRP: $26 each

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"Beads for Cinderelly"

This darling creation from Jim Shore features Cinderella's best friends, Gus and Jaq. The playful pair are always getting into trouble but remain helpful and loyal companions. After breaking a string of rosemale beads, Jaq collects them on Gus' tail!

Height: 5.5 inches Tall

Item Number: 6015020

MSRP: $55

Pre-Order Now to arrive September 2024 (Click Here)!


"Bee Sweet"

Jim Shore created a big fig Winnie the Pooh this year! This statuette is so much fun and stands 12 inches tall! This darling creation of Pooh will steal your heart with sweets and smiles. With Jim Shore's classic patterning on Pooh's iconic red shirt and rosemale details, he holds a jar of honey decorated with flowers. Two bees fly in the shape of a heart, the perfect accent for Pooh's honey pot.

Height: 12 Inches Tall

Item Number: 6014321

MSRP: $175

Pre-Order Now to arrive September 2024 (Click Here)!


"A Father's Love"

This loving design by Jim Shore captures a tender moment between father and son. Gepetto is overjoyed at the realization that his carved puppet has been transformed into a real boy! Pinocchio smiles broadly with patchwork and rosemaled details.

Height: 7 Inches Tall

Item Number: 6015019

MSRP: $80

Pre-Order Now to arrive September 2024 (Click Here)!


"Who's The Fairest One of All?"

This iconic trinket box is right out of a fairy tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Evil Queen uses the same heart box in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film. Use this Jim Shore model to collect your own treasures and claim the title of Fairest One of All! Peek inside and discover a hidden message: Who is the Fairest One of All?

Height: 3.5 Inches

Item Number: 6015024

MSRP: $60

Pre-Order Now to Arrive September 2024 (click here)!


 "Wish Upon The Evening Star"

Celebrating the Princess and the Frog's 15th Anniversary, this gorgeous storybook design illustrates the story of the Princess and the Frog with striking detail and three-dimensional shape. Standing on a balcony looking out towards the sky, Tiana wishes upon an evening star with a dream of love. The details on this three-dimensional diorama storybook are amazing. You'll want to snag this Tiana storybook for your collection as soon as possible.

Height: 7 Inches Tall

Item Number: 6015015

Pre-Order Now to arrive September 2024 (click here)!

 MSRP: $90

"The Beauty of Love"

This endearing Disney creation by Jim Shore reminds us that love can conquer all obstacles. With the curse now broken, Beauty and the Beast stand together in embrace as Bell gazes upon her love's human form for the first time.

Height: 7.87 Inches Tall

 Item Number: 6015017

MSRP: $95

Pre-Order now to arrive in September 2024 (click here)!

"A Fairytale Love"

This gorgeous Disney creation by Jim Shore celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Cinderella story. This stunning design features Cinderella in her iconic blue ballgown with intricate design details. Prince Charming holds her hand in his regal robe.

Height: 7.68 Inches Tall

Item Number: 6015016

MSRP: $95

Pre-Order now to arrive in September 2024 (click here)!


 "Daring and Determined"

7th in the Deluxe Princess series, Jim Shore did not disappoint with the detail! This deluxe Disney princess creation features Jasmine in an elegant rendition of her iconic turquoise crop top and flowing pants. Glitter details and crystal embellishments make the Jim Shore design come alive as Jasmine takes a closer look at Aladdin's lamp.

Height: 14.5 Inches Tall

Item Number: 6015014

MSRP: $200

Pre-Order Now to arrive in September 2024 (click here)!


"Time to Find Neverland"

This incredible clock creation by Jim Shore features a working timepiece in the shape of a miniature Big Ben clock. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, and Michael fly in the skies near the tower with the power of happy thoughts and pixie dust. This is the perfect gift for the Peter Pan collector, as this will be a must-have this year.

Height: 10.25

Item Number: 6015025

MSRP: $150

Pre-Order Now to arrive in September (click here)!


"Stronger Together"

Jim Shore delighted Disney collectors this year when he announced an Encanto piece. This enchanting Encanto design by Jim Shore celebrates familia love. The Madrigal sisters, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel each have their own style and opposing personalities. But despite their many differences, the sisters are strongest together.

Height: 8.5 inches Tall

Item number: 6014330

Pre-Order Now to arrive in December 2024 (click here)!

What do you think about this year's new Jim Shore releases? We are so excited to see lots of anniversary celebration pieces, like the 75th Anniversary of Cinderella, 15th anniversary of Princess and the Frog, and 15th Anniversary of Tangled. 

You can find the entire Jim Shore Disney Traditions 2024 pieces, for purchase or pre-order here!

Let us know which item you are going to get this year in the comments, or an idea for a future piece!

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Stay tuned for Part 2, Seasonal Edition!

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