The 10 Hottest Department 56 Halloween Village Sets for 2024 Revealed

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your holiday village tradition, these highly-sought after Department 56 Halloween village sets of 2024 are sure to inspire awe and wonder. For enthusiasts of Halloween décor, there's no better way to celebrate than by exploring the newest releases from Department 56's Halloween village collection. With intricate details and eerie charm, these village sets are sure to delight and enchant both collectors and casual enthusiasts alike. Join us as we unveil the top 10 Department 56 Halloween villages revealed for 2024, each offering a bewitching glimpse into a world of haunted delights.


 #10 Sleepy Hollow School House

Last year when Ichabod Crane's House was announced collectors couldn't be more thrilled. After a long hiatus of new Sleepy Hollow pieces, the second new Sleepy Hollow piece was announced to be coming this year. Fitting in with the creepy other Sleepy Hollow pieces, stands the schoolhouse. Though small in stature and rickety from age, the school of Sleepy Hollow – albeit any school – is infinitely large in wisdom and ceaselessly strong in potential.Ultimately demised by the Headless Horseman, lanky and superstitious schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, and his temperamental plough horse, Gunpowder, daringly call "home" a ramshackle cottage in the heart of the spell-bound outskirts of Sleepy Hollow. You can collect all six pieces: Ichabod, The Headless Horseman,  Gunpowder, Ichabod's House, and now the Schoolhouse and Katrina Van Tassel. 

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

Ichabod Crane SchoolHouse 6014662

Katrina Van Tassel: 6014663

 #9 Make and Take Scarecrow Shack

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Make and Take Scarecrow Shack 

For those looking for a less scary piece for their Harvest Village, this Make and Take Scarecrow Shack couldn't be cuter. Visiting the Make & Take is an event families look forward to every Fall. While stuffing hand-me-downs into a plump scarecrow is certainly fun, the true attractions are the warm mulled cider and gooey caramel apples made fresh on the farm! This piece pairs with the Accessory: Nana, I'm stuffed figurine which can be purchased separately.

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

Make & Take Scarecrow Shack: 6013598

Nana, I'm Stuffed Figurine: 6014515

#8 Gather 'Round For Thanksgiving

Department 56 Halloween Gather 'Round for Thanksgiving House

Here is another adorable piece made especially for Thanksgiving! It's not often we get a village piece that is specifically made for the Thanksgiving holiday, so it's not a surprise this made the list. Our favorite part about it is you can peek into the front window and see the full Thanksgiving feast waiting for guests to arrive! This miniature scene looks as if you were standing right there, with Thanksgiving decor and a Gather stylized decoration on the wall. Whether Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or a dinner party in general, show the hosts how much you really care by gifting our gorgeous little cottage that celebrates the truth that time spent gathered is the best time of all! Pairs with the figurine "Touchdowns, Turkey, & Pie" sold separately.

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

Gather 'Round For Thanksgiving: 6013600

Touchdowns, Turkey & Pie: 6013601

#7 Nightmare Before Christmas The Cat House

Department 56 Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Village Cat House

The Nightmare Before Christmas Village collection is a group of Village Houses that would appear in the Halloween Town Neighborhood. This year's offering is home to the talented yet maniacal Harlequin Demon, a proud tailor who turns rotting animal corpses into wearable headwear. The purple Cat House is the purr-fect abode for Halloween Town's resident couturier! We are honestly a little disappointed there wasn't a coordinating Harlequin Demon figurine this year, but instead we have a new Dr. Finkelstein figurine. Fingers crossed the Harlequin  Demon Figurine is coming soon.

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

The Cat House 6014519

Dr. Finkelstein 6014520


#6 Samantha's Boo-Tique

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Samantha's Boo-Tique

There's a new Witch Hollow Building, and this year we get Samantha's Boo-tique! Of course Witches witches love to shop too, and what better place than Samantha's. Samantha's Stockings has the market cornered when it comes to anti-fashion! Guaranteed to look your worst, Samantha's Boo-tique offers the latest and greatest in ready-to-scare apparel, capes, and hosiery to have you looking hauntingly bad! Of course, don't forget to pair with the new witch this year, "Darn Good Darn." After many costly darns, Gertrude realized the cheapest way to avoid holes in her hosiery is to clip her gnarly toenails.

Another pleasant surprise was the announcement of the Witch Hollow Water Tower to add to your Hauntingly Spooky Village. This Water Tower stands 10.5 inches tall and the green ooze glows in the dark!

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

Samantha's Boo-Tique 6013596

Darn Good Darn 6013597

Witch Hollow Water Tower 6013639

#5 Monster-tini's Nightclub

Department 56 Halloween Village Monsterini's Nightclub and Bouncer

2024 brought out some great Halloween pieces. While the Department 56 Snow Village Halloween pieces focus on quality, it's rare to find a main piece with motion. This piece has both light and motion. The sign blinks and the Martini Glass glows neon green and spins. Look inside the glass and you'll find a spooky surprise... a Monster eyeball! We love the level of detail in this piece, with a "broom check" out back in the sober crib. Halloween's newest hotspot has everything you want in nightclub frequented by horror royalty but unless you're unlucky enough to know someone on the inside, you must get past the bouncer, and he can be a beast. After a brief stint in the Werewolf Control Unit, our bouncer is not in any mood for shenanigans at the lounge. The Werewolf bouncer is the accessory that comes with this amazing village, and can be purchased separately. 

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

Monster-tini's Nightclub 6013602

Silverback Bouncer 6013603

 #4 Full Moon Lit Backdrop

 I know what you're thinking! This isn't a village! Yet this is one of the most epic pieces released in 2024 for village collectors. We've been asking for a moon for a while... and here it is! It's so versatile that you can use in any Halloween, and yet even Christmas village that you have, sure to make an awesome final touch to your village. What's so special about this moon, you may ask? It's LED and changes as desired, to a total of 12 different colors. You can also select flash, strobe, fade, and smooth styles. From a blue moon to a blood moon to a harvest moon and more, Department 56's remote controlled, color changing Full Moon is the perfect lit background for any of your displays!

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

Full Moon Lit Backdrop 6013658

#3 Minnie's Kissing Booth

Ok, now this set is just adorable! For those wanting a less spooky and more fun and festive Halloween/Harvest Village display, this is the set for you. It's a Kissing Booth for the Disney Village Pumpkintown collection shaped like candy corn. Few things are sweeter this Halloween than a peck on the cheek from our Pumpkintown queen, Minnie Mouse! Bashful yet courageous, Mickey happily buys all the tickets for kisses from his sweetie. Accent your Disney Halloween Village with two candy corn topiaries. Whether for a kid-friendly village design or just for the Disney Lover, this set is #3 on our list and a must-have for collectors.

 Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

 Minnie's Kissing Booth 6013680

Mickey Buys a Ticket 6013681

Pumpkintown Candy Corn Topiaries, Set of 2 6013682


#2 Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion Village and Accessories

One of the most epic pieces for 2024 is undoubtedly the WDW Haunted Mansion. A few years ago we saw its Disneyland California counterpart released, and what a great piece that is as well! Several accessories have been released, including hitchhiking ghosts, the Haunted Mansion Gate, a hearse, and the Singing Busts of course! Fast forward to 2024, and the ultimate Disney collector's piece has arrived along with some long-awaited accessories! First of all, the building itself is a pretty good replica of the actual Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World, with pumpkins adorning the base, and spider webs  on the house itself. Flying bats fly around the top, with one landing on the weather vane. The house comes with a standard light cord, to give an ambient glow of 999 happy haunts. Be sure to order the four new accessories to go with this monumental piece: Madame Leota, Here Comes the Bride (Lit), Silas Crump & His Old Dog Bones, and a set of 3 people visiting the park.

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion 6013606

Silas Crump & His Old Dog, Bones 6013607

Madame Leota Manifested 6013608

Here Comes the Bride Lit Figurine 6013610

 #1 Hocus Pocus The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage and Figurine

 Department 56 Halloween Village Sanderson Sister Cottage

Number one on our list is the Sanderson Sisters' Cottage! Again, an epic piece collectors have been asking to see if years, this is sure to be a hot item! We were able to see this in person at the trade shows this year, and it did not disappoint! The piece is lit with a standard light cord, and is made with high-quality ceramic. The details are all there bringing you back to the scenes of the movie: the eerie leaves stacked against the old rooftop, the water wheel on the side, the broom on the front porch, and even Binx peeking out behind a barrel! Department 56 plans to put a spell on you when we celebrate the most infamous trio of diabolical witches – the Sanderson Sisters! Their immortal cat, Binx, keeps watch as the sisters run Amok! Amok! Amok!

Arriving to our store May/June 2024, you can purchase here while supplies last.

The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage 6014672

Sanderson Sisters' Figurine Amok! Amok! Amok! 6014673


It's a pretty amazing year for new Halloween Village pieces from Department 56 for sure. Which items are on your list? Is there anything we missed? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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