June 2023 Dallas Market Tour

Last week, Sheri and I had the pleasure of attending the Dallas Total Home & Gifts Market in Texas to see the brand-new products released by Enesco in June. These trips to Dallas have quickly become our favorite events as we race to bring these exquisitely designed figurines and captivating collectibles to our followers. Our adventure was rewarded with a delightful celebration of artistry and creativity.

Enesco is renowned in the in the collector community for partnering with brilliant and masterful artists like Jim Shore and Romero Britto; both who had new pieces to showcase at the market event.

Sheri and I were in awe of the stunning details that were incorporated into each piece. The meticulously arranged displays showcased a wide range of captivating products, each a testament to Enesco's commitment to craftsmanship.

The Disney Britto and Disney Showcase Collections were a sight to behold. Beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, and the new Botanicals were brought to life with impeccable attention to detail. These enchanting figurines captured the magic of Disney, evoking a sense of nostalgia and delight.

Our journey continued as we ventured into the captivating world of Jim Shore. Renowned for his folk art-inspired designs, Jim Shore's creations seamlessly blend intricate rosemaling patterns and vibrant colors, showcasing his unique artistic style.

We were drawn to the Disney Traditions Collection immediately. Each figurine beautifully captured the essence and personality of beloved Disney characters. From the whimsical joy on Donald face as he tugs a kite string to the stately majesty of Pride Rock from The Lion King, the attention to detail in these handcrafted pieces was truly remarkable. They were a testament to Jim Shore's talent and his ability to bring beloved characters to life in a distinctive and captivating way.

In addition to the Disney Traditions Collection, Jim Shore's Heartwood Creek collection showcased a diverse range of collectibles. With their intricate carvings and rich colors, these pieces celebrated the beauty of folk art and showcased Jim Shore's versatility as an artist.

One exciting addition is the introduction of the M&M’S brand of figurines. Five brand new pieces, each with a Spring and Easter theme, showcases numerous colored M&M characters in different poses. This has been a popular collection on our pre-orders and is in high demand.

As our day at the Dallas Market ended - running back to the car in a hot Texas rainstorm - we couldn't help but reflect on the incredible artistry and creativity we had seen. Enesco had transported us to a world of beauty and imagination, where each piece told a story and ignited a sense of wonder.

The trade-show provided a platform for these talented artists to showcase their exceptional craftsmanship at the top of their game and allowed us to share their passion with a wider audience. It was a reminder of the power of art to inspire, evoke emotions, and create connections.

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