Why Use Purple Paper?

There are many things that we are proud about with regards to our collectables and giftware store. We have a large selection of new and retired figurines, ornaments, villages, and sculptures, we believe that our customer service is one of the best in the industry, and our prices are fair and competitive. 

But more than anything else, the thing we are most proud of is that when an order is shipped from our San Jose warehouse, it is protected with Purple Paper. Now, you might be wondering why something as simple as the paper we ship our items with is something to be proud of. Sure, it is a decorative way of protecting the item during shipping, but it’s not as complicated as designing a website.

But for us, it’s not the paper so much as what it represents. Purple has many meanings to a lot of people; the color is used to promote certain causes and agencies. However, the one cause that is always at the forefront of our lives and our business is Epilepsy Awareness.

In 2006, while attending college as a sophomore, I was stricken with bronchitis and was sick in bed for several days. Without warning, my temperature spiked to 105° and I had a prolonged seizure. It was more than enough to cause me to be hospitalized for several days and from that point on I had seizures several times a day for the remainder of college.

Being diagnosed with epilepsy was a hard pill to swallow. Living close to 20 years being athletic and healthy, then suddenly I had no energy and had trouble focusing. My entire life changed in a moment’s notice.

It wasn’t until I got married that, with the help of my wife, Sheri, was I able to get the seizures under control and live a normal life. It was at this time that I also found out that I wasn’t alone. There are approximately 3.4 million Americans currently diagnosed with epilepsy, and unlike me, 30% of them will not be able to control their seizures with medication of treatments. Hundreds of thousands of people are permanently disabled from this disease, unable to hold down a job or get a driver’s license.

It was because of this time, learning about my disease and facing my challenges head on, that I fell in love with First-Aid and safety education. Before starting Sparkle Castle with my wife, I was an emergency responder and CPR/First-Aid instructor. My life mission was to share my knowledge with as many people as I could.

Eventually, when Sheri and I put all our focus into growing Sparkle Castle, we were trying to put our own flavor into the way we do things. When she found purple paper for our shipments, we knew that it was the perfect way for me to continue bring awareness to epilepsy and to put a smile on our customer’s face. The simple act of putting purple paper in the box has inspired many customers to share their struggles with epilepsy with us. We are encouraged by their stories of triumph and victories.

For us, purple paper is more than a stylistic choice. It is a daily reminder of why we do what we do. And when we found out that it was Jim Shore's favorite color as well, it seemed like it was meant to be.

So, the next time you unbox your next Disney Tradition, Peanuts, Heartwood Creek, Department 56 Village, Lemax Village, Lori Mitchell figurine, or one of our many other collectable pieces, and see the purple paper, remember what it stands for and share what you have learned with others.



For more information about epilepsy and how you can support research and raising awareness, please visit www.epilepsy.com

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