Product Information

As an authorized retailer for all our products, we receive each item directly from the manufacture in the original packaging.

On rare occasions, the product will come in protective foam only, but this is as the manufacturer intended and we provide that detail on the product page.

Each figurine is hand-painted and therefore some variation will occur.

If for some reason there is something really wrong with the paint or material, please contact us and we will work with you on a solution.

Shipping policy

We use USPS and UPS for all shipping domestically. PO boxes and all US territories must be shipped via USPS.

We do not ship internationally from our website, however we do offer global shipping for all of our products from our eBay store.

Orders typically arrive within 1 week depending on shipping time and local duties. However, we want to stress that shipping carriers have been seeing delays and we cannot guarantee any order will arrive within that time frame.

We pride ourselves in being a family owned and operated small business. While we do love our customers and try to make certain accommodations, we also realize that we can't pretend to keep up with Amazon. We don't ship on the weekends, but we put in a little more energy on Monday.

Refunds and Returns

Did you buy something that you just didn't love? Return your undamaged item back to us within 30 days for a full refund.

The product can't be broken or have signs of wear (Not including manufacture defects). The items must also return with the original box, padding, bags and info cards in the same condition.

Contact our support team using the customer support links below and we'll provide you with a shipping label

We would gladly send you a replacement, at no additional cost to you. Or, if you prefer, give you a full refund. In either case, you will not need to return the damaged item to us.


Some discount codes have expiration dates because they are for a specific event or season.

Unfortunately, discount codes do not work on pre-order items because we already apply a 5% discount at checkout. If you want to apply a discount code, you may only do it on in-stock items.

Our discount codes only work directly on our website.

While we would love to offer this at a later date and do plan make this option available in the future, it is not something that we currently do.


Some products have been made available for pre-order before they arrive to our store. These items come with a 5% discount at checkout.

If we know an approximate time that the item will be in-stock, we make it available to our customers for pre-order.

If it is marked as Coming Soon, then we know that we will eventually get it back in stock but don't know exactly when.

Of course, and with a 5% discount, the pre-orders have an added incentive. However, additional discount codes cannot be applied with pre-orders in the cart, so plan accordingly.

As soon as we get it in stock! We ship out all pre-orders to existing customers before it's made available on our website.

We ship items out as soon as they arrive, so it will be shipped by itself. However, we don't charge shipping on any of our products, so it will be done at no additional cost to you.


We offer hassle free order cancelations. Just let us know that you want to cancel and we will get on that right away, no questions asked.

Our system conducts a fraud analysis to determine if the order was not placed correctly. Sometimes it's as minor as misspelling the billing address, other times it's actual fraud. Either way, we don't process any orders with fraud alerts and they will be canceled.